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At Community Capital we work hard every day to create opportunity and access to opportunity. We need your help to create impact.

Community Capital is an economic catalyst. We combine education with innovative financing to help people access opportunity for themselves and for their children. We provide the information, loans, grants and support that make it possible for disadvantaged people to become stakeholders in a more inclusive economy. Whether it is creating a pathway to starting a business, to affording a home or making education a reality, Community Capital creates access to opportunities that strengthen the prosperity of our communities and the self-sufficiency of those who live in them. To make an impact, we need your help.

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    • Small business owners like Andrea.
      Like 30 other New American business owners we’ve helped, Andrea was unable to get the loan she needed to start her life over. Andrea fled her home country when her family was threatened. She wanted to start a coffee import business, but as a new immigrant with few assets, Andrea could not get financing. Community Capital offered a loan, coupled with on-going coaching and support to help her restart her life as an American business owner.


  • Young men like Nate.
    Nate is part of a YouthBuild team that gave 67 young, at-risk African-American teens the opportunity to learn construction skills while rehabilitating an abandoned property. Community Capital provided a unique construction loan and hours of business development services to bring this building back to life. These two beautiful, affordable apartments for families sparked a neighborhood turn around and gave the students valuable on-the-job training and work readiness skills while preparing for the GED.



  • Students like Emily.
    Emily is the first person in her family to attend college. Her hard work got her a generous scholarship from Columbia University, but the scholarship did not include funds for a laptop, books or course materials. Community Capital matched the money that Emily, and two dozen other low income students, saved for college so they could pay for those things financial aid didn’t cover. The grant helped reduce Emily’s reliance on student loans, enhanced her chances of finishing college and helped her family realize their dream of a better life for their children.

Your generous support will help us create more opportunities like these and impact the lives of those in our communities who are being left behind. Thank you for making your 100% tax deductible donation today.

“This is a great, well-run organization that puts donated dollars straight to work. By providing opportunities for people to own and grow their own business, CCNY keeps our local community in business. This is worth supporting!”

Donor Jill Wollman, Bedford

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Community Capital New York is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Contributions to Community Capital New York are tax-deductible to the full extent permissible by federal law.

For additional information about making a gift, including donating securities, stocks, bequests, and life-income gifts, please contact Deborah Morant, Director of Development or call her on 914.747.8020 ext 17.

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